The Yoga teacher

Indira Nunez has been in touch with Yoga since the beginning of her contemporary dance studies. Then since 2002 while working in projects for different choreographers, she has been developing her Ashtanga Yoga practice and her teachings methodology very intensively. Among others her most important teachers are Ximena Lopez from Venezuela, Lalit Kumar from India (Yoga Teacher Training) and Manfred Gauper from Vienna. Furthermore she attended different workshops with Sheshadri, Nancy Gilgoff and others. Since 2004 she teaches Yoga in Vienna, for many years she was teaching in Yoga Shala Vienna, in different dance companies, in the Yoga Melange, The unity dance, in Yoginis, and Perform studio and since 2012 she teaches at Tanzquartier Vienna. As well she teaches Acro Yoga and Partner Acrobatics. Check the Yoga schedule and feel welcome to join us to feel vital and stronger.


This Yoga class is a dynamic and functional connection between different Asanas and elements of Ashtanga Yoga.


The main focus is to find awareness not only in our breathing but also in our self-day by day.


This Yoga Flow class is an open space for developing sensitivity and strength at the same time.


Being able to respect our own limits by listening to our body in our Asana work and exercises for our core muscles, our spine, between others.