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Allgemein 22. April 2022

New Solo Performance Premier 26/05/2022

Welcome to the World Premier of my new Solo Performance at The Off Theater Vienna / Performing PUZZLE by tauschfühlung La Señora Muerte ( ciclo de la VIDA/MUERTE/VIDA “To you, The One who showed me The Death, face to face, uncensored, honest and with detail. Like no one else could imagine. To you…. who taught

Premiere 8. September 2016

Sehn.sucht 2016 Trailer

Sehn.sucht 2016 Trailer This is the trailer from the rehearsal of a performance which willl have the premier the 09.09.16 and 10.09.16 in Vienna at the WUK performing arts theater. Concept and dance by Indira Nunez

Newspaper 17. August 2016


AUGUSTIN ARTICLE A great article about my next solo performance, this month in the Augustin! Soon Premier the 09. and 10. of september at the WUK performing arts season opening

Newspaper 30. April 2012

Cicatrix faq

Cicatrix faq A great article about my next solo performance in the �far magazine�. Photos by�Stehan Doleschal